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WordPress Mistakes Frequently Made By Novice Users

Novices working on WordPress are always in a hurry to get the work done and ignore a few things that result into vulnerabilities that adversely affect their blogs. Here are some of the mistakes frequently made by novice users and ways to avoid them.

1. Too Much Information

While designing the website it is important to understand that readers love simplicity and do not need to be overwhelmed with super cluttered sidebars, too many widgets, ads and distracting links. Your sidebars should carry the most useful pieces of information. This information should also be easy for your readers to digest.

2. Changing URL’s When Updating Posts

If you are editing old posts and mistakenly modify or change the URL, visitors to your site will see a 404 error page when they try to access the page from an interlinked page and bookmarks. The 301 redirect should be used in case it is necessary to change the URL as this will redirect the visitors to the new updated page.

3. Using Only One Server

To Non-WPWebHost user, it is important not to underestimate the value of a Content Delivery Network (CDN) as it can improve the experience of readers. You should carry out a detailed research ion CDN such as MaxCDN or Cloudflare and copy your content into many other mirror servers around the world. This will ensure that guests view your page, irrespective of where they are browsing from.