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Why You Should Never Buy The Latest And Shiniest WordPress Theme

Most people tend to have an unhealthy adoration for the newest and shiniest gadgets. There’s even a rather large chunk of the population that is willing to wait in line for hours in extreme heat or cold just to buy the latest toy as soon as humanly possible. Although these people tend to be incredibly happy and excited during the first few days after their initial purchase, these are the people who tend to end up miserable with the item they bought in the end. This all basically comes down to the fact that they bought the newest item when it was the newest item. Although they got to experience the excitement of buying the latest toy as soon as it was released, they didn’t account for the fact that they bought the latest toy before all of its kinks and issues were worked out. The majority of companies are still in the midst of working out the bugs and problems of their newest products when they’re first released. That being said, these products are almost never as perfect as one would hope for, and the same exact thing can be said for most virtual products (such as WordPress themes) as well.

Even though a brand new WordPress theme might seem like an amazing thing to have, most definitely think again. Just like the newest toy or gadget, the latest WordPress themes are still having their kinks and issues worked out. When on the hunt for a theme for your website, choose one that has a bit of time to mature and have its bugs worked out and fixed. Otherwise, you’re going to end up being one of the many people who regret buying the latest and shiniest toy.