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The Importance of Choosing the Right Title for Your Video

New videos show up on the internet every single day from every corner of the world. There are millions upon millions of videos already in existence covering millions upon millions of different topics. No matter what the subject is of your latest video, there’s a fairly good chance that there are already hundreds of others out there covering the exact same thing. So, in a world with a constant stream of video uploads, how do you make yours stand out and beg to be watched?

More often than not, site viewers will pick a video solely based on its title. Much in the way that books tend to be judged by their cover, videos tend to be judged by their title; it’s a sad but true fact. A video can have the most amazing content in the world and stand out from all of the others, but very few people will ever click on it if the title is boring and uninformative. When you really get down to it, a good title is the key to getting a ton of views.

A good title should have two very important things incorporated: an informative title and a unique one. A video should have a title which will cause it to come up in the search results when the subject matter is searched for. However, it should also have a title that makes it different from all of the other videos that come up in that search. Your job is basically to lead people to your video and then make them want to watch it. All in all, the perfect title can mean the difference between a successful video and a failed one.