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The 5 Best Social Media Plugins For WordPress

Are you wondering what social media plugins to install on WordPress? Social media are the second source of traffic, just next to search engines. So, making sure you have the right tool on your website is a must to attract traffic as plugins can help promote your profile and even encourage visitors to subscribe to your blog or share your articles to followers and friends. If you don’t want to use plugins for some reason then you should purchase a hosting theme instead. These themes have all the important social features in them.

1. Sociable – If you want a free, but terrific social media plugin then this is the one you need. The plugin supports a lot of social networks, gives your post pages sharing buttons, RSS feed and get updated regularly, as many plugins do not get updated after six months.

2. Share This – The plugin is one of the widely used sharing solutions, with over one million websites worldwide using it, so certainly worth considering for your WordPress blog. In fact, the mere fact that the plugin support Google+ and facebook is more than enough reason to consider the plugin as one of the best for WordPress.

3. Shareaholic – is a WordPress social media plugin that is highly configured, and could insert sexy bookmarks to posts, home page, RSS feed, pages, and category achieve. The plugin only reveal half of the icon, but when you hover over it the rest of the icon, a total of 86 are revealed.

4. Lockers Share – if you want easy to use plugin, with more than 100 social media to choose from including popular social networking sites such as Facebook and Google+ then make sure you add the plugin to your WordPress.

5. Insite Bar – This social medial plugin puts toolbar on the top of the website, with default bar that display retweet button and Facebook button. The other good thing about the plugin is that customizing the bar to suit your need is possible, so only relevant features shown on your website.